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Trix's Costume Spread by zerry Trix's Costume Spread by zerry
And here's the three current costumes for my 2nd main villain, the lovely, bratty Trix St. Germaine.

Now originally when designing Trix I saw all these chain and leather costume pieces and figured "screw it, I'm going overboard" and basically gave Trix the full domanatrix look :o However once a friend said it looked stupid with her pink skin I (oddly enough) took it to heart and gave her a makeover. Since Trix is basically a professional catburglar and sneak theif, I set out to design something more practical. Trix's vanity ensured her head remained uncovered, and the chain wrap around her shoulder is my last nod to her original suit.

The second one I tossed in a whole bunch of gold to reflect Trix's love of shiny things, especially the chain around her neck. The cowgirl boots were thrown in because they just look so damn cool, if a little big. EDIT: Recently changed up the hair and expression for the better, plus ditched the out-of-place cowboy boots for something less clunky.

The third outfit was inspired by the always-versitile trench coat. I was toying with the idea of giving Trix some headgear, I looked at the fedora, and suddenly "film noir" popped into my head. I added the starshot to reflex Trix's obsession with the color of her skin, and while I doubt they make pants that are fishnet from the knee down it was the best I could think up at the time. Then I did the whole thing in a purpleish wine color because they gave us 160 colors for a reason, dammit. EDIT: Decided to up the Woman of Mystery factor up a few notches and added the glasses.

#4 wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for the wedding and magic packs. The bolero really gives it a bit more presence and formality.

For Trix's fifth and final costume, as usual the inspiration just hit me outta nowhere. In a word, casual. Moved the shag haircut to here, simple red-and-black colorscheme, glasses (Trix doesn't need them, she just wears them for fashion's sake =D) and tossed the Vines pattern in so someone'd actually use it.

All in all, a pretty good range of costumes, don't you think?

Type: Mind/Psi Dominator
Server: Pinnacle
Battle Cry: I'm better than human: I'm FRENCH CANADIAN!
Villain Group: The Aeon City Sirens [link]
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February 12, 2007
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